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We are celebrating our 37th year of creating Christmas memories!

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, may you find time to pause, to reflect...
and to rejoice in the true meaning of Christmas.

Canterbury Carollers is a Victorian caroling ensemble located in the Chicago Metropolitan area. We will perform for your gathering with a glorious arrangement of traditional carols - all written before 1870.

Attired in authentic period costume, the group is a live tableau of Victorian England and its strolling carolers. Their perfectly blended a cappella harmonies will transform any gathering into a celebration people will talk about for Christmases to come.

The Canterbury Carollers have been singing together around Chicagoland since 1987.

Chicago carolers

Original group:

Alan Weiger, Regi Mezydlo, Susan Eastwood, Lisa Baggott-Miller, Daniel Miller, Lawrence Wilson

Current group: Andrew Thies, Alan Weiger, Daniel Miller, Chris Roe,

Lisa Roe, Lisa Miller, Debbie Lee (also pictured, former member Susan Eastwood)

Photo by Ken Beach


They told me there would be carolers, they didn't say they were AWESOME carolers!

- Denise at WGN


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